1. How to calculate the loading time in different cities?

    A load (as used in the process Load Tendering) is a shipment of freight. Examples include one or more 20′ Or 40′ Containers (FCL), a Trailer (FTL), and a Single Pallet (LTL). Therefor loading time in every city varies with the conditions at that time. but i must let you know that no matter the situation we never go behind our schedule .
  2. How does the delivery to the warehouse occur if there is no seaport in the city?

    This is where the process of supply chain management comes in. If there is no sea port, we either use the air port or we offload in a port of a neigbouring city then we bring in our team of experience drivers of the road fright department to transport to the city where the good or service is required
  3. Can you guarantee the exact delivery date?

    Customer satisfaction is our watch word. Due to this, we will do everything to satisfy our customer and also in a supply chain system, a delay in an unit may cause a breakdown of the system. Thus we always strive to deliver on time. Our clients can attest to this
  4. How are sea shipping costs calculated?

    The most basic way to begin calculating shipping is to take measurements of the products before listing them for sale. Measure the weight and dimensions of the package. The shipping charge is automatically calculated based on the package measurements and the customer’s location
  5. Is it possible to reissue documents for receipt while the goods are on the way?Every documents and or receipts we give are also in our system thus in case need arise we can reissue any of your documents
  6. Should we purchase additional insurance?As you work with us, there is no need to worry yourself about buying additional insurance. That which we provide is enough to cover your good and services. In case you already have insurance, there is still no problem with that.

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