Our freight trucks will transport your shipment easily through the continent only. 100% security is guaranteed.

Ground transport (Land or “ground” shipping can be made by train or by truck (British English: lorry). In air and sea shipments, ground transport is required to take the cargo from its place of origin to the airport or seaport and then to its destination because it is not always possible to establish a production facility near ports due to the limited coastlines of countries)

We are well equipped with trucks and vans that do delivery allover so as to prevent any delay.

Land freight specialists since 2007

This is how we started. Our first method of delivery was by land. therefore we have gained more experience over the years so much so that we are the best in this area of shipping world wide .

We offer:

  • Port-to-port LCL and FCL sea freight services to over 500 international ports.
  • Free price comparison for a variety of routes and vessels.
  • An easy-to-use booking system – with prices inclusive of all associated charges up to the destination point.
  • An optional collection service from an address of your choice.
  • Support with shipping documentation. Our customer care team will assist you for the duration of your shipment and beyond.
Your low-cost shipping solution

Our prices are the best you can expect from any logidtic company. Low price and quality service is what we rely on at Penske Shipping Lines.

To get the most out of Land freight services:

  • Plan ahead: Our freight times are much longer than any freight times, so it’s a good idea to make a booking well in advance of your desired delivery date. Our specialist freight team will be able to give you estimated transit times depending on the vessel and routing.
  • Think big: As a rule of thumb, greater volumes almost always mean cheaper delivery prices when shipping goods internationally. This is especially true for sea freight.
  • Protect your goods in transit: It’s important to package your goods correctly to minimize the risk of damage during transit.

Need a Warehouse?

Contact us at any point in time if you need a warehouse at any point in time for any of your goods or services.Read More

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